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Japan-India Sustainability Alliance (JISA) is an open democratic, cooperative, collaborative initiative to build a network of like-minded organizations, professionals, academia, CSOs/NGOs & to contribute purposefully for inclusive, peaceful & sustainable society/planet.
Japan & India, two strong & friendly nations with age old tradition, history and rich cultural values, need to further deepen their impactful & strategic partnerships for global peace building with collective sustainable development initiatives, responsible & ethical business practices with responsible investments.
The advent of globalization, innovative and creative thinking of our young startups, technocrats, peace-builders, social scientists & potential investors (FI/VCs) is also bringing two strong nations closer with fresh opportunities to lead global economy with stability & sustainable business practices in mind.
Its more than seven decades since India and Japan are enjoying their trustworthy diplomatic & friendly relationship and now under young & innovative business leaders with emerging opportunities in the domain of digitalization, healthcare & wellness, sports & fitness, education & skilling, responsible & sustainable tourism & hospitality, art & culture, both nations are ready to come closer to support sustainable, inclusive & equitable economic growth like never before.

To nurture the next generation leadership to achieve UN-SDGs, “Leaving no one behind" and "creating a better planet" for sustainable world.


We will serve and work towards rejuvenating the responsible & ethical business eco-systems by creating sustainable livelihood and enabling Social & Financial Inclusion projects.


Our emphasis will be on the three aspects of “ Social Impact, Scale and Sustainability” to create shared values.


  1. With Japan & India holding presidencies of “G7 & G20” respectively last year (2023), both countries reconfirmed their commitment to work together on various global issues & further concurred to strengthen their bilateral relationship.
  2. India and Japan acknowledge the need to explore a variety of socio-economic interventions to ensure sustainable economic growth & the new partnerships will also lead by impact investments/finances, sustainable livelihoods & with new age digital start-ups & innovations.
  3. The Sectors- Technology (AI, IoT & ML), Education, Healthcare, Clean & Green Energy, Responsible Tourism, Sports/Para Sports & Development, Agriculture (Organic) & Wellness (Ayurved & Yoga), CSR & ESG are sunrise sectors of future growth & emerging business opportunities.
  4. To truly capitalize on these opportunities, involvement of the private sector, young startups/entrepreneurs, academia, impact investors/VCs & CSOs is very important.
  5. Supporting & working in the lines UN SDGs, Japan-India Sustainability Alliance (JISA) will guide and support Japanese & Indian businesses in adopting tech-enable sustainable practices & community centric solutions. It will also demonstrate to the world that India and Japan are at the forefront in delivering on the ambitious Climate and Sustainable Development Goals collectively.
  6. JISA will bring Japanese and Indian Educational Institutes (Schools/Colleges/Universities), Civil Societies, business leaders on one platform to address other social issues of “regional peace, climate crises, gender equality & diversity, inclusion(disability), disaster & risk management & mitigation” and create opportunities to network & build global partnership following UN-SDGs.
  7. Both sides may look at various initiatives to build & connect their strong business ecosystems, with brain storming sessions, workshops, business matchmaking & through networking events/conferences.

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